A scatman cruths.
now I'm gonna tell you something we can do..if you cut off my head, I'll cut yours off for you.
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you’re hired
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home of many classics, such as Spit It And Away and Howl’s Moving Car Sale

and my personal favorite, My Neighbor Tootsie Roll



when you make a post you think is clever and nobody reblogs it




Another dumb rant/ventilation on my brother.😕

My brother annoys the shit out of me..
Get this: he burns a hole in the carpet at out new apartment(having even lived here more than a week yet), & then doesn’t accept responsibility for his actions. He’d rather turn the conversation into an argument (to change the subject) while simultaneously claiming that I start/enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing. All the while my tone of voice remains at an appropriate indoor volume, & his gets louder & louder telling me that I’m yelling/freaking out blah blah blah. His ego is so enormous he can’t even fathom the possibility of him being incorrect on any subject, & if he ever is wrong; he’s unwilling to admit it. He’ll just keep raising his voice, or change the subject to some older argument we’ve had in the past that he was correct on. He’s turning 21 in less than a week, yet he acts as if he is a child, but always boasts about how “grown up” he is. I seriously don’t understand how he can delude himself into believing that he’s any bit mature or responsible, like how can you be so hypocritical in that when you see someone else act the same way you do; you label them a child or something insulting, but you’re unable to look at yourself in a third person perspective & see how much you act just like the people you claim to hate. It’s pretty pathetic/sad how blind/unrelentingly close-minded some people can be.

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plot twist